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Coaching Youth Baseball - The Ripken Way for Babe Ruth Baseball Coaches

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American Sport Education Program


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About the Product

From this interactive online course - designed especially for new and inexperienced coaches - you'll learn to prepare for your season, provide the best possible experience for your athletes, and coach baseball the Ripken Way. This course was developed solely for coaches affiliated with Babe Ruth League and Cal Ripken Baseball and contains content provided by coaching experts at Ripken Baseball not found anywhere else. It's informative, engaging, challenging, and fun!


Guided by mentor coach Bill Ripken, you’ll learn how to do the following:


  • Implement the Ripken Way of instruction

  • Understand and meet your responsibilities as a coach

  • Communicate effectively with players, parents, and officials

  • Set age-appropriate goals for your team

  • Provide for a safe playing environment and respond to injuries

  • Help your players understand the importance of fitness and living an active lifestyle

  • Understand the basic rules of the game

  • Appreciate the important role practice plays in player development

  • Create age-appropriate practice plans

  • Make practice more fun and interactive

  • Communicate and shape the game’s basic fundamentals

  • Prepare for and coach on game day

  • Communicate and implement the game’s basic strategies


The course is supplemented by more than 200 pages of material. As you proceed through the course, links to pertinent sections of the online book will be provided. Simply click the link. The text will be downloaded as a PDF document, which you can either read on your screen or print.


The course includes many interactive exercises featuring audio clips and Flash animation activities that apply and enrich concepts from the reading material. The course also includes a handy Coach’s Clipboard feature that brings together the many PDF forms, documents, and detailed plans for successful practice sessions and game-day coaching into one handy reference. The course concludes with an online 30-question test.


In short, this course should quickly become your best friend as you prepare for your season. As you move through it, you won’t have to toss and turn at night, trying to figure out what you’re going to do at your first practice, or how you’re going to communicate with and teach your players, because you’ll be prepared to do these things!