Oct. 2021 Meeting and Board Openings

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Dear PPYBSA Members,

We invite you to join our October 2021 league General Meeting to be held on Tuesday October 19, 2021 at the VFW in Point Pleasant Beach located at 603 St. Louis Avenue. Members are permitted to arrive starting at 7pm.

As part of this meeting, there are several Executive and General Board Member positions that are open for nominations. Please read this email carefully with respect to the process. Any questions can be directed to the league at info@pointbaseball.com.

As mentioned above, nominations are being accepted online via this form. You can only nominate yourself because the league does not have the resources to confirm that someone else you nominate is willing and able to participate. You are required to read the By-Laws hosted on our website before submitting a nomination. You should confirm by reading the By-Laws that you are eligible to nominate yourself for the desired position. The form linked above will ask you to confirm this and other important details and you will be asked to supply required information for the Executive Board to review your nomination, determine eligibility and qualifications. Only those that meet all of the criteria will be placed on the ballot for voting at the meeting. The final ballot will be posted on the league website the day before the election meeting. The nomination form will close at 11:59pm on Saturday October 16, 2021. No other form of nominations will be accepted and no late nominations will be accepted.

We also ask that you read and understand the By-Laws and confirm if you are eligible to vote at the meeting. 

Important meeting process information:

  • Due to current COVID concerns and limited resources to perform the below verifications, we request that you do not come to the meeting looking to vote if you are not eligible. We also ask that you do not come to the meeting expecting to debate your placement, or lack thereof, on the ballot. Any disputes should be sent to the Board via email at info@pointbaseball.com

  • Upon arrival, all Members will be asked to sign in and indicate whether they are there for (1) the election as a nominee and to vote, (2) just to vote, or (3) just to attend the meeting. If you select number 1, you must be on the ballot which will be posted on the league website the day prior. If you select number 1 or 2, you will be asked to go to a station where an existing Board Member will verify your eligibility. If you are deemed eligible to vote, they will provide you with 1 ballot sheet. Please bring your own pen for making your selections. If you are selecting number 3, you may be asked to leave if those who are verified as eligible as # 1 or # 2 exceed the venue’s capacity limits and we need room for those individuals as the first priority.

  • When the election is to take place, the Board will notify the audience to fill out their anonymous ballots and drop them into a designate container for counting. Once all votes are placed in the container, the Board will pull them out one at a time and read aloud the position and vote cast. Votes will be tallied on a sheet and the nominee with the most votes will be declared the winner for each position.


The PPYBSA Board of Directors